what is the nipah virus?

The Nipah virus is a highly infectious and potentially deadly virus that can affect both animals and humans. It was first identified in 1998 during an outbreak in Malaysia and is primarily spread through direct contact with infected bats, pigs, or other animals, or through consumption of contaminated food or drinks.

Unipah virus how does it spread ?

Nipah virus primarily spreads through contact with infected bats or contaminated food and drinks (e.g., raw date palm sap), but can also be spread through close contact with infected pigs or people. It can also be transmitted through respiratory droplets from infected people or animals.

when was nipah virus discovered ?

The Nipah virs was first identified in 1998 during an outbreak of encephalitis and respiratory illness in pigs and people in Malaysia and Singapore.

Causes of Nipah virus ?

Nipah virus is caused by a type of RNA virus known as Nipah virus (NiV), which is in the genus Henipavirus..

Nipah virus symptoms and treatment 

Symptoms of Nipah virus infection include fever, headache, muscle pain, respiratory symptoms (such as a cough or shortness of breath), dizziness, confusion and disorientation, and unconsciousness. In severe cases, it can cause brain swelling and lead to death.

Nipah virus symptoms and treatment

There is no specific treatment for Nipah virus infection, but supportive care can help manage the symptoms.

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